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Posted by Bud Dauphin on June 6, 2016 Roses

Roses are Perfect for June

rosesThe rose is the official birth flower of June – and although roses are undoubtedly one of the most cherished flowers all year long, in June, this special bloom is showcased in several ways.

The concept of attaching meaning to flowers began in the Middle East over three thousand years ago. In the culture of the time, women used flowers to communicate with others, as they were limited in who they were allowed to speak with. The tradition of employing specific flowers as a method of communication made its way to Europe many years later; and even in contemporary times, roses are utilized to impart intimate emotions and messages to those we love. While many flowers have meanings attached to them, the rose’s significance is tied more specifically to its color – yellow stands for friendship, pink for appreciation, and so on.

roses roses

Given that the rose is the official flower of June, it makes sense that Red Rose Day is also celebrated during this month. Although June 12 is not recognized outside the floral industry, it holds a special place in the hearts of rose aficionados everywhere. The rose is one of the most coveted flowers in the world, and the red rose is considered the cream of the crop. It’s connection to deep love, commitment, romance, and sacrifice is legendary, and its exquisite beauty is unmatched.

rosesJune is also closely associated with weddings, and weddings are often associated with roses. White roses are most often considered the official flower for a bridal bouquet, and although many modern brides have gotten creative, the rose still reigns supreme as the top choice for nuptials. June and roses just go together – so whether you are sending a birthday rose bouquet or simply want to celebrate Red Rose Day by sending a loved one some beautiful roses – Schaaf Floral is the place to go in Minneapolis.