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Posted by Schaaf Floral on June 20, 2014 | Last Updated: September 4, 2014 Flowers

It’s Summer! How to Keep Your Flowers Alive in the Wonderful Heat!

June 21st falls on a Saturday this year. What better way to celebrate the start of summer than a beautiful bouquet of sunny roses? If you plan to decorate your home with cut flowers, you’ll want to get the most out of your investment. Let us show you how to keep your flower arrangement fresh, despite the rising temperatures outside.

Ask for a Preservative

There are many myths about the best ways to make roses and other cut flowers last longer, including adding aspirin, pennies or wine to the water. However, these things will have no effect on your floral arrangement. If you want to get the most out of your flowers, purchase a preservative from your florist. A commercial preservative has several key ingredients that will prevent a buildup of microorganisms while providing nutrients to the flowers.

Choosing the Perfect Location

As you’re looking for the best place to show off your flower arrangement, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. At the florist, cut flowers are generally stored in a refrigerated cooler to keep them fresh longer. You won’t be able to keep your flowers cold while displaying them, but you should avoid setting them near heat sources. Keep your arrangement away from appliances like the television, and avoid places that have a lot of airflow, such as near a central air conditioner vent. Airflow increases evaporation, while heat sources will make the flowers bloom and fade much more quickly.

Daily Care

Make sure you check the water in vase each day – it will likely need additional water and preservative.  You may also need to trim the stems on a daily basis. If the ends of the stems ever look dried, dirty or rotten, use a sharp knife to trim away the affected area. When you trim stems, cut them at an angle to help the flowers absorb more water. You will also want to do any trimming in either a bowl of water or under running water so that the stems don’t absorb extra air.

Now that you know the secrets to success, your summer floral arrangements will last far longer. Kick off the start of summer with a bright bouquet from Schaaf Floral!