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Posted by Bud Dauphin on September 16, 2016 | Last Updated: September 23, 2016 Flowers

Keeping It Warm with Tropical Flowers

It won’t be long before the temperature will start to drop in Minneapolis, and we aren’t likely to see warm weather for six months. If the thought of bidding goodbye to balmy days makes you a little sad, the floral designers at Schaaf Floral have an idea for you – this year, decorate your home with tropical flowers and keep the spirit of summer alive throughout the season.
tropical flowers
The exotic orchid¬†is a timeless¬†beauty, sure to bring that “rainforest feel” right into your living room. Curly willow, bear grass, and river rocks add a sense of serenity and natural charm. Asian Simplicity, pictured here, is one of our favorites, but you can also choose striking green cymbidium orchids in a glass cylinder, a gorgeous display of purple dendrobium orchids, or any one of our many floral designs.

Aside from orchids, tropical flowers include such amazing and vivid flowers as birds of paradise, queen or pin cushion protea, red ginger, anthurium, heliconia, lilies and bamboo. Create your own tropical paradise indoors, and ignore the blustering winds and cold temperatures outside your window.

Invoke the spirit of the islands with these bold oranges, purples, and reds that will spice up any space and bring tropical flowers the heat. Don’t forget your friends and relatives who could use a pick me up – after all, what will convey more sunshine on a gray day than one of these tropical displays? And since everyone on your list is wonderful and unique, we are happy to make a custom arrangement for each of them – just give us a price point, and we will pick the most colorful, incredible and available blooms for their floral design. This is a great way to make sure that you get the most for your money.

Summer is fading fast, and we won’t feel its warmth again for months. But tropical flowers from Schaaf Floral will allow you to let all the beauty of the tropics into your living room. Call Schaaf Floral today to discuss how we can transform your home for the fall and winter months!