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Posted by Bud Dauphin on March 5, 2020 | Last Updated: March 12, 2020 Flower Gifts Flowers

Which Flowers Do These Top Ladies Love?

In recognition of Women’s History Month, Minneapolis’s best florist, Schaaf Floral, realized there is no better time than now to acknowledge the contributions of an incredible woman who has had an amazing impact on the success of our business. Also, we wanted to showcase the favorite flowers of some famous women throughout history.

Marcia Schaaf started Schaaf Floral 50 years ago in a 1000 square foot store.  She got involved in the community, being the first woman as president of Fridley Chamber of Commerce, the first woman member and president of the Fridley Rotary Club.  She served on the SAF Board learning as she went.  She built Schaaf Floral and educated the community on flowers and designs consisting of more than just carnations and roses.

She moved the store twice increasing the size both times to it’s present 5000 square feet with a 12 by 43-foot cooler. Since the joining of the Gravity Free team in 2007, the growth has been phenomenal.  We stand behind our products and focus on good quality and exemplary customer service.  This can be witnessed by our many 5-Star reviews.

After 50 years in the business, Marcia is still excited to be working with such beautiful flowers that come from all over the world.  Quite the jump from carnations and roses.  We’re especially proud of the volume of Funeral work we get which comes from a lot of word of mouth from people who have seen our work at funerals.  As the market has changed from giftware to green plants and succulents, Marcia has moved Schaaf floral in that direction.

Katy Perry – Purple and White Hydrangeas

Katy Perry’s favorite flower is the hydrangea – specifically, white and purple hydrangeas. This flowering shrub produces a lush and rounded head of many flowers which is why they are loved by many. With meanings ranging from empathy and heartfelt feelings to arrogance and bragging, the hydrangea is a complex yet very beautiful flower. The purple and white Katy loves signifies royalty and understanding for purple, and gracefulness and wholesomeness for white. These are traits we definitely see in the Queen of Pop as well!

Lady Bird Johnson – Lavender Bluebell

The lavender bluebell floral was Lady Bird Johnson’s preferred floral. It is no surprise she will pick this special wildflower as Lady Bird herself was one of a type. An intelligent and dedication female, in the role of her as First Lady, she spearheaded the Highway Beautification Act that known as for U.S. freeways to be lined with plants that are native as well as flowers instead on unsightly junkyards. This Act effectively passed in 1965. The unique and charming lavender colored bluebell is actually a wildflower with blooms which create into the form of a bell. The bluebell’s symbolism is actually associated with devotion, dedication, thanks, and humility – all traits which can be used to explain Lady Bird Johnson as well.

Michelle Obama – Hydrangeas and Pink Roses

Michelle Obama’s preferred blossoms are actually hydrangeas and roses. The pink rose, particularly, is actually the color she likes. Pink roses symbolize gratitude, sweetness, femininity, and refinement – traits the former First Lady definitely has. Michelle also likes hydrangeas which are actually flowering shrubs with gorgeous, big heads of petals which are available in colors ranging from pink, orange, eco-friendly, purple, and gray. Hydrangea blossoms stand for heartfelt feelings, gratitude, and comprehension.

Multi-Colored Tulips Galore

Multi-Colored Tulips Galore