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Posted by Schaaf Floral on August 20, 2019 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers For Everyone!

Fall is a beautiful time of year when we enjoy leaves changing color, cooler temperatures, and warm drinks. At Schaaf Floral, our floral designers are excited about our fall collection. The beauty of fall delivers some amazing floral designs and blooming plants, and we’re using them to create unique designs just for you. There’s something for everyone in the Minneapolis area. Take a look at our fall favorites and choose something perfect for your fall decor or gift-giving this season.

Seasonal Fall Blooms For Everyone

Fall brings us some of the deepest colors and most opulent textures of any season, including blooms like marigolds, chrysanthemums, hydrangea, daisies, and sunflowers. Don’t miss out on the fantastic flowers fall has to offer. Be sure to enjoy fall to its fullest with some or all of these great fall varieties.

Our Fall Favorites For Everyone

Our Celebration Bouquet features bold, showy sunflowers, complemented by red roses and blue delphinium. Beautifully designed in a clear glass vase, this piece is the essence of fall! Its deep, vibrant colors and textures take center stage and celebrate the fall spirit.

This beautiful Fall Cube is bursting with the sensational colors of the season. Vibrant sunflowers, flame-colored roses, and Asiatic lilies are accented by tall cattails and clusters of goldenrods to bring good luck. Artfully arranged in a clear glass cube, this piece perfectly represents the autumn hues that signal the change to colder weather. Send this beauty to anyone ready to enjoy the season.

Feel the sun-soaked energy of sunflowers featured in our Very Sunny Bouquet. It’s hard not to smile at this overflowing bubble bowl of warmth and happiness. Add glowing orange roses to increase the brilliance, color, and texture of this fall favorite. This design is topped off with coordinating accent flowers to enhance the fresh, natural look and is a beautiful piece to bring the sunshine indoors.

Everyone Needs Fall Flowers!

Anyone who celebrates a birthday or anniversary during September or October will love to receive a beautiful bouquet that represents their particular month. What a great way to let friends and loved ones know what they mean to you. Fall flowers also make amazing decor for fall weddings or other formal events. With deep colors like royal purple, dark scarlet, golden yellow, fiery orange, and forest green, and rich textural accents, these blooms create a dramatic elegance that’s perfect for formal events. One of the best reasons to send someone fall flowers, though, is for no reason at all. If you know someone who needs to know you’re thinking about them, send them some beautiful “Just Because” flowers to brighten their day.

Even You Need Fall Flowers!

Maybe you need a few fall favorites to spruce up your home or office for fall. Add bright sunny daisies to your living room, colorful mums or marigolds to your front porch or cheerful sunflowers to your desk at work to feel fall everywhere you go. This season is full of festive spirit- catch some of it for yourself when you add fresh fall florals to your decor.

The autumn season brings beautiful color and rich texture. Include a bit of the season’s best in your decor and gift-giving this season. For more great gift or decorating ideas, talk to the floral experts at Schaaf Floral. We’re here to help you make fall spectacular.