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Posted by Bud Dauphin on April 18, 2017 | Last Updated: February 19, 2021 Prom Flowers Uncategorized

Prom Corsages & Flowers for Mom

During this season, proms and spring formals are being anticipated all across Minneapolis. At this time of year, Schaaf Floral designs gorgeous custom corsages and boutonnieres using the highest quality fresh flowers; and when it comes time to order, we thought we would give you a few tips for our floral designers. From going to the prom to going out to dinner with your mom, we know these flowers will be perfect.

Did You Know? The term “corsage” is a shortened version of “Bouquet de corsage” (translated bouquet of the bodice). The flowers were originally worn by women to ward off evil spirits and illness. The origin of prom corsages began in the 17th century when flowers moved to being more for courtship than protection. 

  • Wrist corsages, nosegay bouquets or boutonnieres are often custom-designed,  arranged with spray roses, orchids, or lilies – and adorned with decorative pins, sequins, or ribbons.
  • Nosegays, which are small handheld bouquets, have become more and more requested in place of prom corsages. Tell us your color scheme and allow our professional designers to create a custom bouquet.
  • Boutonnieres are usually designed utilizing a singular blossom (such as a rose, calla lily, or orchid).  Those looking for more creative lapel adornment may consider small succulents, greenery, or seasonal spring flowers.
  • In order to perfectly coordinate your flowers with the dress or tie, bring in a swatch or the dress itself and we’ll design a beautiful and colorful corsage.
  • If you are looking for a prom corsage or boutonniere and are unsure of the color that would be best, stay neutral. (Whites, creams, metallics and black)

Although wearable flowers and proms go hand in hand, corsages are also needed for graduation celebrations and even Mother’s Day!  For the most special occasions and the people you enjoy them with, you’ll want to call Schaaf Floral – from an important date to the most important woman in the world, we’ve got you covered!