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Posted by Schaaf Floral on October 8, 2019 | Last Updated: October 22, 2019 Halloween

Strange and Scary Flowers to Celebrate October

October and autumn have officially arrived. At Schaaf Floral, we’re as excited as anyone to watch the foliage change around Minneapolis, snack on candy corn, dip caramel apples, watch scary movies, and pick out costumes, but we also love celebrating the seasons with flowers. So, this year, our florists are getting into the Halloween spirit by sharing some of the spookiest flowers from around the world. Keep reading, if you dare!

Top 3 Bizzarly Bootiful Flowers for October

Warning! These flowers are not intended for indoor display.

1. Hydnora Africana


Native to southern Africa, this flower makes the top of our list because it both smells and looks like a monster. It’s said to have inspired the plant character in “Little Shop of Horrors” and the creatures featured in “Tremors” and “Stranger Things.” Let’s just say that this isn’t a wildflower you’d want to pick. 

The hydnora africana is a subterranean flower, meaning it lives almost entirely underground. It doesn’t need sunlight to make food from the sun’s energy because it feeds on the roots of nearby plants. When it’s ready to reproduce, its terrifying flowers burst through the soil and emit a foul smell to attract its favorite pollinators: dung beetles and flies. When an insect lands on its pink flesh, the flower’s jaw-like petals clamp shut, trapping the bugs for several days. 

2. Titan Arum

Titan Arum

Native to the island of Sumatra, the titan arum gets its name from the Greek word for giant because, well, it’s giant. In full bloom (which occurs as infrequently as once per decade), the plant can grow to heights as tall as 20 feet and can achieve a 16-foot-wide girth. Not only is this plant physically giant, but it also emits a huge odor. A carrion plant, the titan arum attracts pollinators that’d normally be drawn to the scent of dead animals. Its aroma has been described as a combination of decaying fish, feces, sweaty socks, Chloraseptic, Limburger cheese, and a slight sweetness. 

3. Stinking Corpse Lily

Stinking Corpse Lily

Another Sumatran carrion flower, the stinking corpse lily draws pollinators like flies and beetles with its signature rotting flesh scent. It’s smell, however, isn’t the only thing that makes this flower scary. It’s also quite unusual, as it grows no roots, leaves, or stems like most other flowers. The stinking corpse lily seems to be more fungus than plant, as it entirely lives and feeds off of host plants, like vines. This alien-like flower is also record-breakingly large. It’s the biggest recorded single blooming flower in the world, with the largest specimens measuring in at almost three-and-a-half feet across. 

Nose-Friendly Flowers for October

You don’t have to suffer through the stench of massive carrion flowers to celebrate Halloween with flowers; we recommend sticking with some more traditional blooms and adding a few spine-tingling touches. 

Black Roses

Black Rose

These are just like regular roses, but black as the night. Dyed specially for the season, all-black bouquets of black roses create an elegantly macabre atmosphere for a Halloween dinner party. They also make a quite impressive bridal bouquet for a Halloween wedding. For a more fun take on the black bouquet, we recommend mixing in orange and yellow flowers, the colors of jack-o-lanterns. You can tie the arrangements with festive ribbons or add glittery embellishments like floral picks featuring ghosts or bats. 


Orange Mums

Halloween and October flowers don’t have to be exclusively scary. If you’re hoping to create a warmer, more welcoming vibe with your autumn floral decorations, we recommend chrysanthemums. These beloved autumn flowers traditionally represent cheerfulness and are perfect for creating a friendly-looking front door to catch the eye of trick-or-treaters and guests. They bloom in nearly every color of the rainbow, but popular choices for October include gold, yellow, orange, and burgundy hues. They look beautiful indoors and out, but be sure to bring them inside before a frosty night. 

Celebrate Halloween in Style with October Flowers

If you’re ready to decorate for October, our professional florists at Schaaf Floral can help you select the best flowers for autumn and Halloween. From traditional centerpieces and potted plants to spooky arrangements with a ghoulish touch, such as our Witches Brew and Bat’s Incredible bouquets, we have everything you need for the season.

Witches Brew

Bat’s Incredible


We welcome you to stop by our flower shop or order online today!